OCTO IT is specialized in manufacturing OEM/ODM appliances for independent software vendors (ISVs).  The individual services are modular and offer our customers a maximum of flexibility. With company headquarters based in Germany, our very strong partnership with the leading hardware manufacturers, as well as our highly trained staff ensures the highest quality with the assembly and logistics of your appliance systems.


  • Selection of the most appropriate hardware and peripheral equipment
  • Adjustment of hardware to meet the needs of our customers (technical as well as optical)
  • Additional certifications for different countries (UL, GOST-R, etc.)
  • Serial production according to customer specification
  • Software installation and customer based configuration
  • Storage and management of your products
  • Cost-effective worldwide shipping and collection of your used systems (WEEE)
  • RMA management and warranty processing
  • Technical support, repair and refurbishing
  • Taking over your purchasing processes from existing suppliers and handling of logistic processes